Financial education changes lives

Stability. Happiness. Potential.

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A Four-Part Solution To Financial Education

Nationally recognized and trusted by parents and educators. Loved by teens.

  • Role-Playing Game

    More than 66 simulations and mini-games that teach real-world financial management concepts. Learn More

  • Budget Tracking Software

    Manage actual finances with the added software for tracking income, expenses, and creating savings goals. Learn More

  • Student Workbook

    The 30 page paperback workbook ships for free and will advance financial knowledge and life-skills Learn More

  • Parent Guide

    A 30 page paperback that ships for free to help better understand how teens think for better conversation. Learn More

Gamification is the new education

Teens enjoy it. It's not a book or a lecture. It's an interactive experience that puts the player in control.

It works. Learning to budget for major purchases or encountering surprise expenses help prepare teens for the future.

“My kids volunteer to do more chores and are budgeting since playing Money Mavericks.” -Lynn from MN

Get + Give = Our Promise

Together, we stand for a better tomorrow. 

We believe that everyone should have access to a financial education, regardless of who you are or where you live. We match every Money Mavericks purchase with a product donation to an at-risk teen. 

Together, we will make a difference.

What people say about Money Mavericks

"Playing Money Mavericks helped them visualize how their financial decisions help them reach their goals"

-Elizabeth from IL


Five Star Reviews

As a financial coach, I see so many young adults without basic personal finance skills. This product was designed by a financial coach and “they nail it” regarding topics that young adults need to begin life with a strong financial foundation.

I highly recommend this product for parents to get for their children. 

The game was really fun to play. It really kept me interested and I learned so much. I'm now saving my money to buy a tablet.

My kids volunteer to do more chores and are budgeting since playing Money Mavericks.