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The Money Mavericks Game

An instant download for PC or Mac, Money Mavericks offers a new way to learn budgeting, financial planning, and goal setting. Play as a teen and navigate through life facing important financial decisions that impact your players happiness in both the immediate and long-term. 

In the Money Mavericks game, your teen will learn:

  • Happiness - A clear understanding of what they are motivated by in the short and long term
  • Income - How to project and plan for upcoming income, even if it’s irregular
  • Spending - Where they want each future dollar to go, in order to achieve maximum happiness. These include: Fixed expenses, Discretionary expenses, Short term savings, Long term savings, and Debt reduction
  • Control - The game provides various opportunities to show them how to follow-through and maintain control of impulse spending.
  • Surprises - Life happens and there are several teaching moments where your child will have to adjust their plan, based on emergencies, new priorities, and temptations to spend. This exposure to situations to which they’ll be able to relate will plant the seed for how to manage curve balls when they arise in real life. 
  • Entrepreneurship - Start and manage a blogging business that connects the idea of generating income from existing talents and passions. Learn the elements of owning a business, how they relate to personal finances and balance with his life goals.


Spending Plan

Money Mavericks Budget Tracker

The spending plan included with the Money Mavericks game allows the player to manage their own finances by tracking income and expenses and creating savings goals. In addition, the player can manage their investments and debts as they learn to balance their spending plan. It is the same budgeting tool that the player uses in the game making it very convenient for the player to use outside of the game.


 Money Mavericks Student Workbook

The softcover student workbook ships to your home and contains a series of activities to further advance the teens financial knowledge as well as other adult skills. Activities in the workbook include:

  • Defining the things that matter most. Such as relationships, fun & entertainment, personal health, career, etc.
  • Creating a vision board to help clarify and envision their aspirations
  • Establishing goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method
  • Preparing for and anticipating obstacles that might get their way of achieving their future goals

Money Mavericks Parent Guide

The softcover Parent Guide shipped to your home helps prepare adults to start conversations that guide teens as they learn and advance their knowledge about money management. The guide will provide you with a series of tips, suggestions, and examples on how to reinforce and enhance what Money Mavericks teaches your teen. After reading the parent guide, you'll feel encouraged and confident to have real conversations with your teen about money.

Inside the parent guide, we provide guiding principles for talking to your kids in an approachable manner. You'll gain a better understanding of how your teen thinks and the emotions they often keep from you. We'll help you make money conversations fun and show you how to implement rewards and feedback that work.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Money Mavericks comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. We believe in Money Mavericks so much that we offer you 100% of your money back if you don’t see an immediate impact. Just let us know and we’ll give you a refund with no questions asked.

Try Money Mavericks today and give your teen instant access to the only financial education of its kind. Money Mavericks will truly help them avoid the big money mistakes and show them how to develop financial freedom.

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